Amplifer Install by Freeman's Car Stereo

Did you know you probably already have an amplifier built into your car stereo receiver? Often times however, that little amplifier in your dash just isn't enough.  Adding an external amplifier to your system gets you a louder, clearer, and more high quality sound.

Upgrade your Sound, Keep your Look

You might be happy with how you car looks and don't really want to change the speakers or receiver in your dash, but you're still not crazy about how the system it came with sounds. An easy way around this problem is to add an external amplifier to your system. That external amp can be installed in a variety of places depending on your car and your setup, so that you can have it all: the look and the sound you want.

More Power and Clearer Sound

Amps as part of a Freeman's installed system in a Chevy Impala

The bottom line is: your replacement speakers are going to sound better with the power of an external amplifier behind them. That little amp in your dash just isn't going to get those speakers to perform at their full potential. A 2 channel amp is great for the 2 speakers up front and a 4 channel will cover the backseat as well. 3 and 5 channel amps are typically used to power a combination of speakers and subwoofers. There are 1 channel, or mono amplifiers designed specifically for subwoofers. As you might have guessed, these amps are made to be powerful enough to produce a clean, loud, amplified bass.  

Choosing the right combination of amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers for your car does require some math, some sound engineering, and a lot of experience so before your head starts spinning with channels and RMS ratings give one of our experts a call or visit one of Freeman's 7 convenient locations.