Home Theater with a Red Wall

Home Audio

Getting audio distributed throughout your home is one of hottest trends in home entertainment and convenience, but what is it exactly? Distributed audio means you can control the high quality audio that plays throughout your home all through a wi-fi enabled device. All you need is wi-fi and an app on your tablet or phone to customize your home listening experience.


Consolidating Your Remote Controls

It’s hard enough keeping track of one remote control for your home entertainment systems let alone multiple remotes. Let us help you consolidate all of your remote controls into one easy to use, intuitive remote that controls your TV, video, and audio systems so you can spend more time relaxing and less time digging through your couch cushions.


Smart Home and Home Automation

There are variety of ways you can integrate smart home or home automation solutions into the place that matters most to you and your family. New technology gives homeowners the power to control their security systems, thermostat, audio, and video right from their smartphone or tablet. We have options that include every comfort, security, and entertainment smart home option or, you can choose the right mix of features for the needs of your unique home.


Home Theater and Surround Sound

Whether your're a TV binge watcher, a sports fan, a movie buff, or a little bit of it all there's nothing quite like going to the theater in your own home. Freeman's can build complete home theaters in new and existing homes or deliver you a home theater feeling in your living room, patio, or any other room by upgrading your audio/video gear.