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Subwoofers: More than Just Better Bass

When thinking about car subwoofers you might immediately think of that car next to you at a stop light with bass that hits so hard your hair starts flying. Yes, subwoofers can of course give you heart stopping, hair flying, amazing bass if that's what you're after; but did you know that adding subs to your system can also create a more realistic and rich sound, prevent distortion, and even help protect your smaller speakers from getting damaged?  

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Tan Subwoofer Stealthbox with JL Audio Subwoofer in it

Your car speakers that aren't designed for bass just can't handle those low tones in your music very well, and that's where a subwoofer comes in. But what is a subwoofer exactly? Simply put, a subwoofer is a speaker that is made specifically for low frequency sounds which gives your system a more complete, overall sound. 

For optimal performance and appearance subwoofers are typically installed in the back seat or trunk of a vehicle. There are a variety of subwoofer boxes, or enclosures, that match your vehicle really well and the installers at Freeman's are also experts at creating perfect custom look for your subs. Your subwoofer and amplifier power do need to work together so be sure to work with a professional to make sure you get the right combination.  They can also help you sort through other important subwoofer considerations like sensitivity, impedance, size, frequency range, and more.

Have more questions about car subwoofers for your vehicle? Contact the Freeman's location nearest you or ask a pro.