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Replacing and Upgrading your Car Speakers

Understandably, the manufacturer that made your car had a whole lot more than just the sound system to worry about when they made your vehicle.  Top brand speaker manufacturers like JL Audio, Hertz Audison, Pioneer, Kicker, Focal, and Kenwood live and breathe good sound so it's no wonder replacement speakers sound better, look better, and last longer.

Getting new speakers to replace the ones that came with your car is one of the first options people think of when they want to improve the sound of their system. That's because upgrading your speakers is one of the most cost effective ways to transform the sound in your car. With a set of upgraded speakers, you will suddenly be able to hear more of all of the little details that you never even knew were in your music.

Whether you're upgrading because you're ready to leave your speaker's flat sound behind, you're ready for a serious sound system, or simply because your factory speakers have blown completely, we can help you find the best solution to get your car sounding great.

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Types of Speakers

Your choices when it comes to upgrading your car's existing speakers are typically 2-way (coaxial) or 3 way (triaxial). These options are a great overall way to increase your sound quality across all frequencies and can be matched to almost any vehicle. 

For the serious music enthusiast, component speakers are an absolute must. Component speakers separate the tweeter (they give you the sweet high sounds) and woofer (for those deep, bass sounds) to bring the sound up closer to the driver's ear, and also allows for a more customized sound staging experience. In other words, component speakers allow for a completely custom sound experience and installation.

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