Driver of a UTV touching a stereo with his gloves on


Better Sound = More Fun

Gastonia motorcycle with Kenwood radio and JL Audio Speakers

There's nothing quite like the combination of good music and riding your favorite powersport vehicle. But trying to listen to music at high speeds with the wind whipping through your ears requires special audio gear made specifically for your motorcycle, UTV, ATV, golf cart, or any other specialty vehicle.

If you own a motorcycle or UTV you understand that thanks to factors like being open to the elements, listening to music in your powersports vehicle isn't the same as listening music in the car. Motorcycles, UTVs, and other toys have a lot in common with your boat as far as stereo systems are concerned:

  • they all need protection from the elements
  • they need to be audible at high speeds in the open air
  • there is specialized durable gear made to last through all of your adventures


In the world of aftermarket stereo systems, we talk about these lines of product as powersports audio. Included in this category are amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and receivers (head units/radios) that have special features specific to the high intensity powersports environment. These products are designed to be heard over the extreme road (or mud, or dirt!) noise and some of these products are sized specifically to fit these smaller vehicles. Powersports systems need to stand up to water, mud, dirt, and sun in a way that car systems do not. As a result, these products are built to be both waterproof and durable enough to keep your music pumping throughout your whole ride.

Whether you're on the open road, in the woods, on the green, or on the track, getting a specialized sound system for your motorcycle, utility or sports vehicle can sound a whole lot better.  Freeman's proudly offers the highest quality powersports audio systems from JL Audio, Kenwood, and Pioneer. 

Have more questions about a stereo system for your motorcycle, UTC/ATV or other vehicle? Contact the Freeman's location nearest you or ask a pro.