Upgrading Your Boat's Audio System
The summer is finally here and if you are a boat aficionado or lake lover, you know it's time to turn up the heat. Everybody will be out with their fancy boats and loud speakers and maybe you've never realized it but your speakers JUST MAY be kind of quiet and if so, its time you turned up the heat. Here at Freemans not only do we handle car audio, we handle MARINE audio as well! 


What Should You Upgrade First?

If you are planning on upgrading your sound system in stages or are keeping a budget in mind, the single best improvement you can make to your marine audio system is with your speakers. Even if you are on a budget, we recommend investing in quality speakers from a trusted brand like JL Audio. High quality speakers are important in order to withstand the extreme elements that they may encounter on a boat, and as a result last longer. With all the extra noise boats contend with, marine speakers have to be powerful to cut through all that outside interference with volume and, most importantly, clarity. The protective qualities of marine speakers do not at all deplete the sound quality. You can also add additional speakers to give your boat that extra sound throughout the entire boat. We have a wide selection of marine speakers on display for you to try out so you can get a feel of how great your boat will sound out on the water.

Adding Subwoofers & Amplifiers for Better Sound
When you are on your way to your favorite spot or are looking to have your boat be the life of the party, you need power, and you need a subwoofer. Adding amplifiers to the system allows you to play your music at higher volume without straining the equipment, so it sounds better and lasts longer. Subwoofers are the missing element in many boats but once installed, they will give you the low-end bass that makes your music come alive.

Stay Connected on the Water! 
Like most people, you probably keep a majority of your music on a smartphone or some other hand held device. Now you can easily stay connected on your boat and play that perfect boat party playlist! Many of our marine receivers have convenient features like Bluetooth, aux inputs, Satellite radio, and AM/FM tuners that way you can stream music directly from your smartphone! 

It's important to understand, if you want to play your stereo system for an extended time with the engine off, you'll need extra batteries that are separate from your engine battery. This way, you won't have to deal with a dead battery leaving you stranded!

Come in and listen to our high quality marine sound systems, and speak to one of our expert marine installers to ensure your boat gets the best sound at the best price!

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