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What is Home Audio? 

Getting audio distributed throughout your home is one of hottest trends in home entertainment and convenience, but what is it exactly? Distributed audio means you can control the high quality audio that plays throughout your home all through a wi-fi enabled device. All you need is wi-fi and an app on your tablet or phone to customize your home listening experience.  You have the power to play the same song throughout every room in your home, in groups of rooms, or customize each room to play something different. So while you're relaxing in the evening on your patio you don't have to listen to the same music your kids are blasting in the family room...unless you want to!  

Your Installation: What to Expect 

We install your home audio system to make sure it looks as amazing as it sounds. Every installation is as unique as every customer and their home, but we can give you a general idea of what to expect for your distributed audio installation. The system installation typically includes the installation of your speakers in the walls and ceilings of your home, configuration of the system through the app and hardware, and testing. Most of our installations take about 1 day to complete.  

Idea IconWe can also integrate your doorbell into the distributed speakers so you never miss a package, and always know when someone is waiting at the door.

Have more questions about home audio? Contact our Home Division or ask a pro.