Family In car with safety first caution tape

Safety First!

Everyone wants to look good and sound good, but keeping you, your family, and your ride safe and damage-free should always be your first priority. Add an immediate layer of safety to your drive – read how below.

Dashboard Camera Angles

Dashboard Cameras

Record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car.

☑ First-hand evidence in case of accident, theft, and vandalism

☑ New 360° dashcams now available

☑ Helps keep an eye on your kids and the car when they take it "for a quick spin"

☑ Record road trips and scenery

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Backup Cameras

Backup Cameras

Eliminate blind spots, preventing you from backing into people, animals, property, and other cars.

☑ Parking lanes help backing into spaces

☑ Mount to rear bumper or license plate frame, depending on your preference

☑ Real-time video feed to your in-dash receiver, dash monitor, rearview mirror, or even smartphone

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Sensors and complete blindspot detection systems

Sensors & Complete Blindspot Detection Systems

Radar-based sensors detect vehicles, people, and objects heading your way.

☑ Forward-Collision Warning

☑ Blind-Spot Warning

☑ Lane-Departure Warning

☑ Comprehensive systems can combine camera and sensor data to make sure you're never caught off guard

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Window Film Being Installed

Window Film

Yep, even window tint has some crucial safety and security features:

☑ Quality tinting materials have the ability to eliminate up to 99% of harmful rays before they can start causing damage.

☑ Prevent Window Splinter/Shatter During An Accident

☑ Reduce Dangerous Glare and Eye Strain

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By Amit Jivani


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