8 Reasons To Tint Your Windows

We thought that we would share our Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Windows!


Let’s face it, a car with window tint just looks better! I know it’s far from the most scientific reason, but adding tint to your car brings out a little more style, and separates your vehicle’s looks from the others like it on the road.


As you likely know, the sun’s blasting rays in the summer can have you cranking the air conditioning almost non-stop while you’re driving. Adding window film to your windows can cut the interior temperature down as much as 60%!


Everyone has heard by now, how damaging to your skin UV rays can be. Window Tint is like a bottle of sunscreen, blocking up to 99% of damaging UV rays that would normally be raining down on you while driving.


We’re all feeling the pain at the pump these days. While it’s certainly not going to double your fuel efficiency, not having to run your AC as much due to the lower interior temperatures will certainly help!


The same UV rejection that occurs from adding window tint will also work wonders for your vehicle’s interior. UV rays kill your leather interior, crack and fade the dash, and discolor even cloth seats. Not interested in dark tint? You can actually have a clear film installed that keeps the vehicles looks the same, but blocks the UV rays.


Window tinting can also help quite a bit if you’re in an accident. Unlike the windshield, the side windows are not laminated, and shatter into a bazillion pieces when they break. Adding a quality window film can hold those pieces of glass together, and help prevent you getting cut when in an accident.


Window tint can also help cut down on many of the blinding glares caused on the road. Headlights of other vehicles behind you and the sun blasting in your side windows can be a huge distraction while driving.


Not only does window tint give you a good level of privacy by cutting down on people seeing in your car, it also provides a good bit of security for the contents on your vehicle. With all the portable devices we carry in this day and age, making those items left in the car a bit harder to see, is a definite plus!

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