2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Gifting is hard. We put together a quick guide to help get some ideas flowing for you. Here's what we recommend for your 2018 Holiday shopping season!


Dash Cam Gif

Dash Cams

This extremely popular accessory acts as an objective witness to anything that might happen to a vehicle. A dash cam is a great gift for any driver, but we especially one for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Our Momento dash cams are also compatible with all vehicles and are ready to wrap.

Mini Jump Pack By Raceport

Mini Jump Pack

This little pack is powerful enough to jump a car battery but can also quickly charge a phone as well. Never worry about a loved one getting stranded with a dead battery in their phone or car are again. 

Radar Detector Escort Passport

Radar Detector

Some of us need a little reminder ;) to pay attention to our speed while driving and a radar detector is a much cheaper and easier way to make that happen than getting a ticket. Most models don't even require pro installation which makes this one an easy gift to pick up and wrap up.

Viper Remote Start

Remote Start

What could be better than giving the commuter in your life the gift of a warm car in the Winter and a cool on in the Summertime? Either figure out a way to bring their car in for the install or just pick up a gift card (see next section!).

Gift Card

Freeman's Gift Card

Here is the easy and thoughtful way to make sure they get what they want. Pick up a Freeman's Car Stereo gift card at any of our 6 stores or online (Shipping is Free).

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