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At Freeman's Car Stereo, we love SiriusXM music, live sports, news, and entertainment programs.  Satellite radio is one of those services that once you've had it, you can't remember what it was like without it. 

5 Reasons We Love Satellite Radio

1. It's Wherever You Go 

Whether you're out on the boat with no cellular data coverage, on the back roads, or in the house streaming SiriusXM online, the quality programming goes with you wherever you are. SiriusXM is available in your car, at home, at your business, in your boat, and via the SiriusXM streaming app on your device.

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2. 72+ Commercial Free Channels

Spend less time listening to ads and more time with the music and shows that get you through your commute, party with you on your boat, or help you unwind at home. 

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3. A Genre or Program for Everyone

 Let's let this channel guide speak for itself on this one.

4. Sports! Sports! Sports!

No more missing the game because you're out of AM/FM or market range. Plus if there isn't a NFL/MLB/NBA/NASCAR/College/PGA/IndyCar/Boxing/Tennis etc. (click here for all live sports offerings and schedule) you can listen to the many exciting sports talk channels.

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5. You Can Try it For FREE!

Don't take our word for it, give it a shot and listen for yourself.  If your car didn't come with a SiriusXM enabled device we have tons of receivers that can give you that functionality and more. Click here for free trial eligibility and details.

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