Underbody and Under Dash LEDs

As automobiles have advanced, so has vehicle lighting. Whether your goal is to improve visibility while driving at night or off-road, add a quality aesthetic to your interior, or simply impress everyone who sees your ride, we have you covered.
We offer the best in performance lighting for automotive, marine, powersports, and more. Complete the form above to contact us about the following performance lighting applications and beyond:

✔️ HID/LED Headlight Kits 
✔️ Underbody & Under Dash
✔️ LED Strip & Pod Lighting for Marine
✔️ LED Eagle Eyes & LED Glow Pods for Powersports
✔️ Demon Eye LED lighting 

Blue Performance Lighting on Grill and Wheels

Exterior Lighting: So Many Options

Extreme Off-Road & Jeeps: Light Bars, Spotlights, & more

When you take on challenging off-road trails, standard street lights just don't cut it. You'll definitely want a custom system to provide extra illumination after the sun goes down. Impressive light fixtures can be mounted on to your bumper, hood, or even on the top of your windshield.

Accent & Show Lighting

LED lighting kits are available for everything from underbody to grills, wheels to truck beds, and more. Essentially, if it's part of your ride, we can light it up! Key features include ultra-bright light with multiple color options, dynamic lighting effects, smartphone control, and more.

Red interior lighting

Interior Ambient Lighting

Upgrading interior lights is one of the easiest ways to add a luxury look and feel to your ride. When you do, you are likely to notice some immediate benefits.

Colors: You don’t have to stick to white light – choose the perfect color for accenting the interior of your car.

Clarity: Because LED lights tend to produce bright, white light, you achieve clarity when swapping out incandescent bulbs.

Innovation: You don't have to confine your lighting to existing spaces! Because LED lights come in a variety of styles, you can stretch light into any dark space inside your car.

Multi colored lights for powersports

Not Only For The Streets

Some of the best applications of custom lighting aren't meant for your car. ATVs, bikes, boats, and even golf carts gain value and safety with lighting upgrades.