Happier Passengers = A Happier Ride

So you have a long trip coming up? Or maybe you just log a lot of time in the car with your kids bringing them to school, sports, dance, daycare, and the list goes on. Adding video to the back set of your car is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping passengers entertained and allows the driver to focus on the road and have an easier, calmer trip.

Tip IconTip: Overhead and headrest monitors are a great solution for passengers who get car sick looking down at their devices

Headrest Monitor Screens

Your options for getting video in your headrest are: replacing your headrest with a matching one (they match your car's upholstery really well!) that has a screen already installed in it, install a screen in your existing headrest, or place a monitor on your existing headrest using the posts that are already there. Car video screen systems can support the following video inputs:

  • HDMI/MHL - for smartphones, tablets, and Smart-TV devices
  • USB gaming ports with charging capability
  • DVD
  • Audio/Video Input and Output
Girl playing a video game in the car on headrest screen

If you install 2 headrest screens depending on your system, you can choose to have a single video output to go to both monitors or the two screens can each have their own output. In other words, do you want your kids to watch or play the same content or let them each watch or play their own? It's up to you and what you need to keep your passengers entertained. 

Overhead Monitor Screens

Teenagers watching overhead video in the car

An overhead video monitor is mounted to the ceiling in the dome light area, usually in larger vehicles like SUVs or vans. You'll get much of the same functionality and video inputs with an overhead screen that you can get with its headrest counterpart but with a different look.

Whether you choose headrest or overhead for your video entertainment in the backseat, you should make sure you talk to a expert instead of trying to go the DIY route. The cables and installation accessories for video in your car are made specifically for the car environment and professional installation ensures your product is installed safely and is installed to last. 

In-Dash Video

Okay so it's not all about the passengers, drivers can get video in the dash as well when the car is in park. In-dash video receivers are great for people always on the road who find themselves with frequent downtime in their car.  Video receivers do way more than play video though and you can click here to learn more about getting a new receiver in your dash

Have more questions about getting rear seat screns for your vehicle?  Contact the Freeman's location nearest you or ask a pro.