Momento M5 Dash Cam Recording a White Car Cutting A Diver Off
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Anything Can Happen On The Road...

Dashboard Cameras Record It All

It's no surprise that the popularity of dashboard cameras has grown so fast recently. Dash cams are an excellent way to get peace of mind on an unpredictable road. Here are some of the top reasons we think you should consider getting a dash cam:

1. You Have A Reliable Witness In an Accident Or Traffic Incident

If you've ever been in a disputed traffic incident you know how frustrating that situation can be. In the case of a person intentionally trying to get hit--AKA someone committing insurance fraud--dash cams are the most powerful way to keep you protected from liability. A dash cam can provide a clear story of the incident and save you a lot of time, money, and headaches in the process. 

2. You Can Protect Your Car Even When It's Parked

When you get a dash cam that has motion detection, they will begin recording before and after something happens around your vehicle. Whether it's a scratch or dent from the person who parked next to you or someone who accidentally backed into your car, the camera will see who was responsible.

3. Oh The Surprising Things You'll Capture

Have a new driver in the house and need a little peace of mind? In addition to recording what happened during a drive, some dash cams can record, speed and track your vehicle with GPS. Yes, dash cams protect you and yours from all sorts of things but they can also be pretty fun. A quick search on YouTube and you won't be able to stop watching the strange things people have caught on their dash cams. 

4. It's Cost Effective and Compatible With All Vehicles

Dashboard cameras are both an excellent and simple investment in protecting yourself from anything that might come your way on the road. Plus, they work in any vehicle!

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