Sony 4K TV in a living room

4K TVs and Content

So you’ve heard the buzz about 4K (Also known as: 4K, UHD,Ultra HD, 4K Ultra HD) and you’re ready to experience the super clear picture quality. So now what? Maybe you aren’t sure how it works, what you need, and how you can start viewing 4K content. We can help with that.  First let’s talk a little more about what 4K is.

A 4K TV gets its name from its pixel width which is 4000 pixels. What this means to you is that the picture on your screen is going to be the clearest you’ve ever had and when you see it in person it blows HD out of the water. In order to view 4K content at this time you will need one of the following:

  • Roku 4
  • Sony UHD 4K
  • DirecTV

Just like the transition from standard definition to HD, this new technology is still up and coming but as 4K continues to gain popularity, more content providers will support it.

Still have questions about 4K TV? Let us use our decades of experience to get you onto the cutting edge of the next big thing in home entertainment.

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