Tezla Audio

Throughout the last decade Tezla Audio has emerged as the car audio leader in loud musical bass. If you want next level sounds quality without sacrificing loudness or, next level loudness without sacrificing sounds quality then you're in the right place.

About Tezla subwoofers:

  • Made with 100% copper coils, No Aluminum
  • Boast some of the highest QC success/lowest failure rates in the industry
  • Great for those looking for lower FS
  • Work well in both ported and sealed boxes

Tezla products are only available online to a select few car audio retailers who are dedicated to delivering the best products and customer service in the industry. Currently you will not find Tezla products through our fit guide but if you contact one our specialists will be happy to help you find what you need.You can shop Tezla right here online or in any of our 7 stores.

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