A Remote Start Does Not Equal A Stolen Car

Fall is in full swing and winter will be here basically tomorrow. It is never fun to leave your house in the morning, go outside to a cold car covered with snow and ice, and have to wait for it to warm up before you can leave for work. With a remote starter, you can start your car before you leave your house so it will be warm and the windows will be defrosted before you set foot outside.

One of the main reasons why many people do not want to have remote starters installed in their cars is that they are concerned about security. They think that if the car is running with no one in it, it will become an easy target for thieves, but that is not true. Remote car starters have safety features that can prevent a car from being stolen when it is started without a key.

How a Remote Starter Can Prevent Vehicle Theft

When you want to start your car, the doors will automatically lock if they are not locked already. This will prevent a thief from simply climbing into the car and driving off. A thief would need to break into the car to steal it, which could attract attention.

Even if a thief did break into your car, it would be impossible to drive it away without the key. In order for the car to be driven, the key needs to be in the ignition and turned to the “On” position. Without the key, it is impossible to shift the car out of “Park.” If the key is not in the “On” position, the car will stop running as soon as someone presses on the brake. Modern vehicles also have chips in the keys as an anti-theft protection system. The remote starter sends data to the car’s computer that allows it to start remotely, but it prevents the car from being driven without the key.

A remote starter will only allow a car to run without a key for a predetermined amount of time, usually 10 to 20 minutes. If the key is not inserted in the ignition before that time is up, the car will shut down.

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A remote car starter is a safe and convenient way to warm up your car on a cold winter day. It has anti-theft systems to protect your vehicle from thieves. If you are interested in having a remote car starter installed in your vehicle or you have questions, stop in at one of our 6 convenient locations or click here to fill out an inquiry form! 

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