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Backup Cameras & Collision Avoidance

Drawing of a Backup Camera

New Safety Technology Without the New Car

If avoiding accidents and keeping you and your passengers safe in the car is a priority, it might be time to see what's new in car safety technology. The best part is, you don't actually need a new car to get it.  

The U.S. department of transportation and NHTSA believe that backup cameras are such a vital safety feature, that all new cars in the U.S. are required to be manufactured with backup cameras (also called rear view cameras). But what if your car didn't come with a backup camera? Since the average car on the road is about 11 years old, chances are it didn't. Fortunately, it is a relatively straightforward process to get a backup camera system installed.  

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ADVENT PSD100 - Digital Front or Rear 2 Sensor Upgradeable Obstacle Detection System



AUDIOVOX - ACA801 License Plate Mounted Back-up Camera



Audiovox Replacement RVM200 Rear View Mirror +ACAM2 Backup Camera Package



Audiovox RVM200 - Replacement Rear View Mirror



Audiovox RVM740SM - 7.8" Android Based Smart Touch-Free Bluetooth Rearview Mirror DVD



Kenwood CMOS-130 Rear View Camera



LOOK-IT Back Up Camera System


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